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Fabri-Kal Microwavable Deli Containers, 8 oz, Clear - FAB PK8S-C

Microwavable polypropylene deli containers.
Flavor- and odor-transfer-proof.
Printable surface.

Package salads, soups and more in flavor- and odor-transfer-proof containers. Printable surface provides branding and labeling opportunities. Smooth-r...


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Genpak microwave-safe containers, 24 oz, 75/bag - GNP FPR024-3L

Microwave-safe plastic food containers.
Textured, sleek, non-slip material.
Cool to the touch even with hot food inside.

Plastic food containers made of textured, sleek, non-slip material are cool to the touch even with hot food inside. Microwave ready and top-shelf dish...


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Genpak container lid, fits 24-32 oz, 75/bag - GNP FPR932

Secure fit of lids prevent spilling or accidents. Helps preserve taste and keep odors in. Microwave-ready and top-shelf dishwasher safe. Includes 3...


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