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Aaxa Technologies P2-B Mini Pico Projector - AAXKP20001

Ultra-portable mini cube design housing an optical engine with DLP technology and vibrant color technology that provides crisp and sharp images.
Built-in standard media player so you can enjoy and share movies, photos, music or text files

The projector is a mini cube projector that allows spontaneous sharing of pictures and video - anytime, anywhere. The P2-B is small in size but huge o...


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Aaxa Technologies M6 Led Pico Projector - AAXMP60001

Native 1080p full HD resolution without upscaling.
Featuring Texas instruments DLP 1080p imager to achieve best on-screen resolution in the smallest form factor.
Ultra bright 1200 lumen optical engine with cinema color quality and vibrant color technology.

The projector delivers true native 1080P resolution without upscaling, pixel rotation and more. The AAXA M6 features a Texas Instruments DLP native 10...


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Aaxa Technologies M5 Hd Led Micro Projector - AAXMP50001

Built-in seventy-minute lithium-ion battery that enables true anywhere-anytime projection.
Wide range of connectivity: HDMI, Mini-VGA, Micro SD, USB, Composite A/V and 3.5mm Audio Out.
Onboard media player (video, picture, music and text).

Producing 900 LED Lumens in "Bright" mode and 500 Lumens in battery mode, the M5 can project up to a 70” screen size in moderately lit rooms a...


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Aaxa Technologies P300 Neo Led Pico Projector - AAXKP60201

Native 1280 x 720p HD Resolution (Max 1080P input) with 420 lumens and vibrant color technology provides crisp and clear images.
Ultra-compact projector.
Extensive input options—HDMI, VGA, 3.5mm Aux Out, Composite A/V along with micro SD and USB readers.

Ultra-compact projector. The P300 Neo houses a revised DLP optical engine that delivers 420 LED lumens of brightness at a native resolution of 1280 x ...


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American Power Conversion Bk500 Back-Ups Cs Battery Backup System - APWBK500

Battery-protected and surge-only outlets.
Dataline Surge Protection.
Power conditioning.

Combination of battery-protected and surge-only outlets reserves power capacity for connected equipment that requires battery back-up. Dataline Surge ...


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Vtech Communications 4-Line Cordless Handset - ATTSB67108

Easily add a phone to a new location.
Page, push-to-talk intercom and call transfer functions.
Built-in speakerphone.

Expand your SynJ® phone system by adding another handset. Handsets feature access to push-to-talk intercom, paging, call transfer and three-way c...


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American Power Conversion Be650G1 Back-Ups Es 650 Battery Backup System - APWBE650G1

Energy-efficient design.
Data line surge protection.
Four stage LED status display.

Designed to use less energy during normal operation, this backup system provides enough power for you to work through short and medium length power ou...


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American Power Conversion Performance Surgearrest Power Surge Protector - APWP11U2

Clean, safe power.
Catastrophic event protection.
Two mobile charging ports.

Power disturbances such as surges, lightning and power grid fluctuations can have a devastating impact on the valuable electronics you rely on every d...


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Belkin Components Cord Concealer - BLKF8B023

Hides cords.
Included double-sided adhesive tape keeps your cord concealer secure and flat.
Guards against fraying from foot traffic.

Cord concealer allows you to hide cords that run across the floor or counter. Includes double-sided adhesive tape to keep your cord concealer secure a...


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American Power Conversion Smart-Ups 425 Va Battery Backup System - APWBE425M

Back up and protect your hardware and data during power outages, surges and spikes.
Provides early-warning fault analysis on batteries enabling timely preventive maintenance.
Provides notification of changing utility power and UPS power conditions.

Back up and protect your hardware and data during power outages, surges and spikes. Provides early-warning fault analysis on batteries enabling timely...


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