Ways to Keep Expenses in Line10/17/2018

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Brace Yourself - Winter is Coming!10/3/2018

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Fall, Fairs, & Festivals10/1/2018

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The Great Pumpkin9/1/2018

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The Right Equipment8/17/2018

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Juicy Juicing8/1/2018


Being Quick on the Uptake7/20/2018

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A Pressing Interest in Cold Drinks7/3/2018

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Slowwwwww Summers6/15/2018

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C-Thru Plastic Cups5/15/2018

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Increasing the Revenue of Your Bar5/1/2018


Seating and the Moderate-sized Restaurant4/19/2018


Outside Space4/4/2018


Restaurant Trends in 20183/1/2018

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Preparing for the Holidays11/20/2017

The holidays should be a joyful, merry time, but for restaurant owners/managers, it's like preparing for an invasion (with you being the invaded, not the invader). Some strain can be taken out of this season with advance planning and preparation.

Your records from previous years ...(More)

Dressing for Dinner11/20/2017

At one time, it was easy to dress for 'dining out', whether it was at a fine-dining restaurant or a lunch counter. Today, people are accustomed to dressing in whatever manner they like. The trend is for the more casual--no necktie in the office means no necktie at the table.

To satisfy its...(More)

Screaming for Dinner11/20/2017

One thing that will certainly kill a pleasant dinner-out is NOISE. When patrons must scream across the table to talk to their companions (because all around them are screaming at theirs) it's too much. It's also harmful--prolonged exposure to noise levels leads to hearing loss, and an evening of s...(More)

Outdoor Dining11/4/2017

Whether you call it 'dining alfresco', or 'eating out on the deck', people enjoy dining outdoors, on patios, terraces and sidewalks. They enjoy taking their meals on screened-in enclosures, or in open-air tents. They like the sunshine, the breeze, or the view. It prompts happy memories of their tr...(More)

The Game Plate11/3/2017

A good restaurant occasionally revises its menu, introducing new dishes for the patrons to enjoy. The average restaurant offers a basic selection of beef, chicken, pork, pasta, soups and salads.To-day, the trend in dining includes game meats on the menu--deer (venison), elk, and bison are popular. ...(More)

Smoothies are healthy for business, too!9/10/2017

We're all familiar with the smoothie--many of us think of them as cold drinks, similar to a milkshake, made with blended fruits or vegetables, ice, and one or two other ingredients. In the beginning, smoothies sold for $3 and weren't much more than fruits/vegetables and ice. They were made while t...(More)

RestaurantTory Financing9/1/2017

Purchasing equipment is not easy--or cheap. Whether a new or established business, there's always something you need. Quality equipment can be expensive, even with discounts. Many establishments prefer to finance their equipment.

How can you swing sizable pay-outs? What about your cash reserv...(More)

Why Farm to Table Restaurants are so Popular7/26/2017

Who doesn't love the taste of a juicy heirloom tomato picked fresh from the garden? Compare it to the taste of a tomato shipped from a long distance, and you'll understand why the farm to table movement has gained popularity. Built on the idea that "food is tastier when fresh and local," the concept...(More)

Beating the Restaurant Summer Doldrums7/26/2017

Restauranteurs can survive the slow summer months by upgrading their marketing strategies. First, they should increase Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all social media output. Offering exclusive online deals, such as two-for-one meals, 25 percent off, free appetizer or dessert promotions, are grea...(More)

2017 Restaurant Industry Trends7/6/2017

There aren't many industries more dynamic, challenging, and exciting than the restaurant business. With increasing competition and challenges related to changing demographics and lifestyle, the industry is zeroing in on trends that make their establishments more customer-friendly and up-to-date tech...(More)